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Barrios are all created by people like you - that means you can start your own!  
Barrios are all created by people like you - that means you can start your own!  
[[Setting up a Barrio]] contains resources for starting a barrio.
Here is a list of resources that might help you with that:
Bringing water to Nowhere is vital. You cannot survive without it. Unfortunately, water is also very bulky, especially enough water for a week.   
You should bring 6–8 litres per person per day, and even more (about another 10 litres per day) if you want to do all those little things that make life comfortable, such as showers, washing dishes, using plant misters for cooling yourself and your friends etc. 
Most barrios organise a 1000L water cube.
Most barrios run a kitchen which feeds all the participants of that barrio. Running a successful kitchen could be the key to a successful barrio. Your campers will work harder, get along better, and have more fun if their bellies are full.
Links about running a barrio kitchen:
[[Recipe ideas]]
[[Kitchen tips]]
The Spanish sun is harsh. You cannot be in your tent during the day at Nowhere, it is far too hot. You need to create a shade structure that allows for air flow.
Building a big shade structure also creates a nice place to meet people or host events.
Many barrios create a shade structure using wooden beams and shade cloth. Shade cloth is cheap in Spain. Make sure you buy a high percentage - at least 80%.
[[How to build a shade structure]]
Some barrios also create geometric domes and cover them with shade cloth or parachute.
[http://geometrydome.com/|Geometry: how to build a geodesic dome]
[http://www.desertdomes.com/domecalc.html|Desert Domes – the dome calculator|]
You can use a 5L pump action pressure sprayer for a shower. You fill it up, pump the handle and then spray. You can also buy shower head attachments for them, which will make showering easier.
It's suggested also to build a structure for your shower. First you need to make big holes in the ground to capture the run off of the water. These can be created using an [[auger]]. Then put a pallet over the holes, for people to stand on. Then build a cubicle of your choice around it. Some camps enjoy making fancy shower cubicles, some love to have it open on one side, some prefer privacy. It's up to you!
Generators, solar and batteries. Often several camps join together to run a generator together to split costs. See the [[Sound Lighting and Power (SLAP)]] page for more information about power.

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Barrios pool resources to create a communal camp with a number of participants. They tend to buy food and water together and share the costs between members. They also usually have communal spaces which are open to anyone, where they host workshops and performances.

Creating a Barrio[edit]

Barrios are all created by people like you - that means you can start your own! Setting up a Barrio contains resources for starting a barrio.