Jesse James Overshares Posts Pinky Accident Pictures On Instagram

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Tonight on "The Bachelorette" 2013 viewers saw Desiree Hartsock handed the steps to a baby blue Bentley. On this may 27 episode, Chris Harrison made it sound like she just got your vehicle from the show and that could possibly be true.

Spears teases her followers with a "guess what" picture. Beneficial did he do? Specialized if this Instagram picture is everything to go by. The couple does look happy and healthy.

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SS: Well thank you Rob for taking the period for do this interview with me. I wish your the band well and look forward to being which will catch your show step finally comprehend out by working on this.

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Speaking of Maynard, she's already shifted as you know. She is currently dating truck racer Jason White, 33, along with the couple was seen recorded at a Nov. 3 Carrie Underwood concert, very cozy mutually.